I just had to post about these! i had beautiful sweet williams flowers on my window sill but the sun kinda killed them along with my six cacti! so i had to get a replacement and i got these lovelys from Tesco for £2 each! bargain. 

I always feel like i need some sort of greenery in my room just to feel good! for some reason it just makes me happy, so if like me you kill things really easily because you forget to water them, above is an ideal solution. Bit of greenery and not overly needy and if you do kill them they were only £2 each!
My bedroom used to be in the garage which was d.i.y converted so i kinda didn’t have a window, so since swapping with my sister i really make the most of it! and my favourite thing is to watch the sunrise and sunset because they are simply STUNNING! especially these past few days with the beaut weather we’ve been having!
As mentioned previously i use the a beautiful mess app, but this image especially shows an example of the many pre made phrases and boarders 🙂


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