colourful fan

So with the heat ive literally had my fan on CONSTANTLY and it reminded me of a tutorial i saw on instagram, for the life of me i cant remember the user name but i think it may of been diyideas so worth a look. Anyways! below is my attempt at the tutorial, it literally took 5 mins and looks awesome! beware of the strong smell of nail varnish so you may want to open your window but it is so so easy!.

So i began by picking three colours i thought would go nicely together, these colours being nail varnish. I used barry m gelly hi shine gnp 11 dragon 303, gnp 5 blueberry 243 and gnp 14 key lime 326 but it probably makes sense to use like a £1 one as you need to use a fair bit. I would just like to say these nail varnish are amazing, barry m dont lie when they say ‘hi shine’ they normally only take max two coats depending on colour, sometimes even one and just look really bright and luscious.

I then took off the cover of the fan (unplug it obviously!) and painted each section a colour.
just pop the cover back on, i didn’t wait for mine to dry but i guess it would make a bit more sense if you did incase the nailvarnish comes flying off – thankfully mine didnt but i can see some movement.
Below is the end result…
Personally its probably the easiest d.i.y ive ever ever done, i urge everyone with a fan to give it a try!


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