d.i.y nail varnish shelves

These are so easy!

all you need is:

piece of wood – i got mine from B&Q for around £2.50, just a long (mine was over 2 meters long and i used two of these and roughly sectioned them up) narrow piece is fine, about an inch, inch and a half – any wider and you’d need to think about support.

No more nails – £4.48 from B&Q i went for the squeezy bottle as if you get the other one you need an attachment to actually get the stuff out meaning more money! takes a bit of strength to the the stuff out of the squeezy bottle but its fine! this stuff is AMAZING i literally use it for everything now

Paint of your choice – I went for a white one and used tester pots as dulux was 3 for a £1 when i did mine and i only used two. I was going for a rustic kinda feel with the paint not having to cover absolutely perfectly

Saw – maybe you have one somewhere around the house but i just got the B&Q value range one and it was £3.48

(It may seem like im fan girling over B&Q but honestly its just the nearest place, you’d get this stuff in wickes and homebase ect)

so all in all this project costs about £11.50 but you can use the no more nails again, you can use the left over paint which is exactly what i did as i just brought another two bits of woods and made more shelves with what i had left!

Step one is to section up the wood! its not hard you’ve just gotta put a bit of muscle into it!

Step two is to just roughly stand down the edges if you have any sand paper, not a necessity, and put a line of no more nails across the side you want to attach to the wall and press in place, holding for a few seconds until its initially bonded with the wall and then scrapping off the excess glue whatever you have around e.g i used a piece of cardboard which worked perfectly.

please bare in mind the no more nails is white so is fine for me if i get any excess because i have white walls but not so good if you don’t! so if your worried about that don’t be so liberal with the glue so theres no over flow – try dots instead of a line or this will work with little shelf brackets :).

Can i now take the time to say only to this if you have expressed permission as no more nails its super strong stuff and if your renting wont be appropriate as its hard to get off, i live at home and my dad doesn’t care but your parents or landlord might! so its always best just to ask! also mine is on wallpaper so will be easier to get off.

Step three is to paint in your desired colour! min being white as it goes with my room. It goes even more now ive painted the whole of my room white! it used to be my sisters room you see and the wallpaper was too in your face for me so i just painted it over white with some paint my dad randomly found in his wardrobe so better still it was free!

Step four is to stack that nail varnish up!! the no more nails should be completely try and bonded in 24hrs so please wait until then as you don’t want anything falling off! I’ve had mine for a good three months and they are still going strong so trust me it does work! I now have double this amount of shelves and still not enough space to store my nail varnish! that’s when you know you have problems but what can i say!

I hope you found this tutorial interesting and even more so found how easy it is to do stuff around the house without much expense or difficulty/hard-work.


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