new maxfactor wild mega volume mascara

Just a quick post today!
I recently brought the new maxfactor mascara pictured left. (taken with my slr this time instead of phone for an up coming blog about my fav beauty products)
according to the sales assistant its aimed at the younger audience – hence it because £6.99 normal price instead of their usual £10.99, i however got mine on offer at £4.99 and with my student discount for maxfactor i think its a bit of a bargain because you can be sure your getting a quality product.

The brush is definitely one i tend to go for because of its thickness/bulkyness i just find you get better cover and a better lift – however what im not used to is the dip in the middle of the brush – i found this doesn’t really make much difference but doesn’t hinder performance either so I’m kinda indifferent to it.

Application is really easy, i find some mascara with a bulky brush can get every where especially when using for the lower lashes but with this one it really did just go on the lashes so theres no time wasted in having to clean up around after you’ve applied – perfect when im in a rush for work or uni!

The effect was pretty good also – not the best for lengthening/volume i’ve ever used (the best i’ve used is SEVENTEEN Doll’d Up Mascara so check that one out!! it really does lengthen!) but it is up there with the better ones for sure. It feels like on – i find some some sorry to bad mouth rimmel but there mascara can feel very thick and heavy on but this one is light and still lengthens/does its job.

These are phone pictures so sorry they aren’t so sharp but the first one is with no mascara and the second two are with the maxfactor wild volume mascara on – a really nice effect. Eye shadow is from accessorize.This is with just one coat of the mascara too!

I love that maxfactor have realised they need to cater to the younger folk! i mean i could afford a £10.99 mascara but doesn’t mean id want to pay that when i get get a cheaper one that does the job just as well! so if you were wondering whether to buy this mascara or not i would go with yes and i give it 4/5 stars – it would of been 5 if there was just that bit more of a boom impact in length but i think that would come if i added an extra coat to be honest. Just tested my theory out! i can confirm two coats and its perfect!

On a side note, i told my mum about this blog today and her response made me belly laugh bless her! she was like people get paid to do this!!! but i figure its something i have a passion for – my summer is hella long and i dont want to spend the whole of it engrossed in uni work and its something fun! i guess i lied about this post being short i cant help it aha!

sending positivity your way, Amy x


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