No7 freebie

Just a quick post about something you can get at boots atm when you buy two No7 cosmetics, so depending on which two you pick it is SUCH a good deal. 

You get a full sized high shine lipgloss, I would say its not as shiny as other lip-glosses which to me is a positive and the coral colour is subtle not too over powering so your on trend in the right way! 
I have been wanting to try the airbrush away primer for agessss and wasn’t disappointed as it made me skin so smooth, this is a 10ml size.
The 10ml sized tinted moisturiser is perfect for a hot day as it gives you some cover but its not heavy at all so you don’t feel bogged down. 
The eyeshadow is a gorgeous shade and very on trend being a pastel shade and goes perfectly well with the coral lipgloss – it’s a new make up look for free! 
Perfectly completing the set is extreme length mascara 4.5ml id say roughly half the size of the standard one, you really can’t go wrong with no7 mascara. 
To top it off you get lovely fair sized make up bag which is clear so perfect for actually seeing what you have!! and has gorgeous summery accent colours.
I love getting something for free especially when it’s as good as this! To get it I brought a nail varnish in a dusty coral/orangey colour and metallic eyeliner in a dark grey/silver AND I used my 3 quid off make up voucher so with that and my discount it really was a bargain and buying something always makes me happy aha. I look forward to trying out all this stuff together for a new make up look :). 

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