Seventeen backlash eyeliner review

I just had to review this product from my iPhone because its amazing! I’ve been a bit weary of gel eyeliners like this since I tried one from another brand I think it was the maybelline one and it was just a bit kinda hard and not very smooth but with the seventeen version it’s a different story.

I LOVE eyeliner, its always a part of my make up routine with ease of application being paramount because I don’t want to faff about for ages so seventeen backlash eyeliner is perfect.

It comes in a cute little box with a little brush which is really smooth to touch and soft, the eyeliner itself is smooth and soft in texture so it really does just glide on and the brush is the right shape to be able to style it just as you would with a pencil. It has a big impact so can be likened to liquid eyeliner so really its the best bits of pencil and liquid in one. It goes on smoothly and is quick to use with the brush and easy to style just as a pencil is and has the impact of a liquid eyeliner.

In case your wondering my mascara is a mixture of the extreme length No7 one I got for free yesterday and a new seventeen mascara that is called backlash in blackest black that matches the eye liner. Both of my new products are pictured below

Just to add I am not loving the heat right now, I’d quite like to elope to the north or South Pole I’m not fussy! But after a busy day at work I came home and my dad said there’s a present for you on the stairs and I was greeted with this…

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE coke – day = made!


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