Nail tutorial

Hey guys, been kinda hectic with over-time at work and trying to get my head around this whole dissertation thing but im back! and i have LOADS of stuff to catch up on!

So i found this tutorial on a youtube channel here by missjenfabulous and there are literally loads of amazing tutorials but i chose this one as i loved the colours. Another reason i picked this one is because all you need is sellotape and a sponge and surely everyone has that lying around the house :). click here for the actual youtube video i used.

Here is a gif i made of the stages i went through.
1. paint your nails with a base colour, i chose white
2. i used a quick dry top coat to quicken the process and make sure my nails were completely dry before i put tape on them so i didnt ruin them
3. get just normal sellotape and cut triangle shapes in varying sizes
4. apply the sellotape to your nails  in various positions, crossing them over looks cool
5. chose different colours to dab on with a make-up sponge or a single colour and paint it over the nails
6. take the sellotape off the nail, don’t wait for it to dry as it will be harder to get off!
7. ta da you have kick-ass nails!

I also wanted to make a gif of some of my fav manicures I’ve ever done, recently ive been really into fruit nails so kiwi ones feature! but i’ve also tried out strawberry nails so i shall do i post dedicated to them as well as figuring out how to do roses! but below is just a peak at my favs. My first experiments with sequins, galaxy nails, glitter manis, nail wraps, half moons, roses, lines, ombre and even sharpie pens!

Also as i previously said i would below is a picture of my nailvarnish shelves as i had to make another set! there still isn’t enough room so I’ve had to start using draws again but it looks cool to have them on the wall 🙂
I am pretty excited about tomorrow! i have 9 essie nail varnishes coming from £1.99 each INSANE and they are the real deal i have brought 9 before! as pictures in right picture above, last row. I highly recommend them as a company in general, such good deals to be had!
new pic of all my polish, around 300 plus… #ihaveproblems #nottwitter


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