20 facts about me

So since my first ever ever post i haven’t really talked about who i am! some may see this post as kinda self indulgent but hey! here’s 20 facts about me:

1. I love watching the sunrise and sunset – they are the most amazing times of day and it makes me feel so inspired!

2. I can never get to sleep! kinda why i thought a blog would be perfect for me to give me something to do to feel in the time but i think its made my sleeping issues worse aha but i am obsessed with blogging now and just breaking into the whole blogging seen/blog lovin’

3. I love to cook, especially fresh fish with some new potatoes and salad – thats my food heaven.

4. This one kinda connects to number 3, i religiously watch every single ‘saturday kitchen live’ – find it on bbciplayer – I’ve only seen one actually live but it is one of my fav cooking shows! i also really love anything to do with gordon ramsay, great british bake off or masterchef.

5. I always procrastinate! especially when it comes to uni work but then when i finally do what i’ve been putting off i feel so good about myself but then i still carry on to procrastinate! i annoy myself!!

6. I got into this whole blogging thing from finding abeautifulmess.com online, emma and elsie are a HUGE inspiration to me in terms of blog design, how they kinda word their posts – its personal but still kinda professional if you get what i mean, anyways if you havent read it which would surprise me if you haven’t you definitely should! its full of beautiful recipes, photography, d.i.y’s and they’ve also got a book coming out and abeautifulmess app (iphone only atm but it will be coming to android) totally fan girling right now just yes abeautfulmess definitely inspired me to have my own little corner of the internet and just blog about what i love

7. I have a huge love affair with coca cola, like i live on the stuff, it runs through my veins! i have atleast a can a day and would quite happy have a can of coke instead of eat! i know i know unhealthy but que point 8…

8. I’ve recently started slimfast, so my coca cola habit has definitely been cut down to one a day instead of a ‘snack’ which probably is against what the diet would suggest but yano when you just love something… anyways back to slim fast, i’m going okay, its just the night time munchies that tend to attack.

9. The reason im doing slim fast is because im kinda terrified about the idea of my graduation picture… next year i will be graduating and will have to look at the pictures for the rest of my life so i wanna look bloody good in them! so with some hard work, grit and determination i should get there and have a big ass splurge on the most beautiful graduation dress!

10. I am TERRIFIED of swimming pools, as in if i see one on tv i feel sick. Basically i’ve nearly drowned twice in them so you can kinda understand why they aren’t my best friend. The sea however i don’t really have a problem with apart from freaking out about fish touching me but clear waters are all good haha.

11. I am a serious shopaholic, part of the reason i created this blog was to kinda put to use all the stuff i’ve brought/crafts i do and maybe people can benefit from my opinions on products or get an idea on how to cure boredom for a while.

12. I own over 300 nail varnishes and instead of decorating my walls with lots of pictures (i still do have some) one wall has 14 shelves full of nail varnishes, whats more prettier than nail varnish right…

13. I love to read through phrase pictures on pinterest or instagram – kinda feeds the soul and if your not feeling your best self can really make you feel better!

14. I have a section of wall in my bedroom with some of my favourite quotes on hand painted, i also have a chalkboard wall (my dad loves me ahah, that and the shelves put on with no more nails…)

15. I’ve always wanted to have my hair cut in a pixie crop, ive just yet to have the balls to do it!

16. I have 8 tattoos, all with different meanings.
One of daisys in the shape of a c for my twin-sister clare as she loves daisy’s on my right foot,
a heart that matches on my sister has for our cousin on my hand,
a feather behind my ear to remind me i can do whatever i want to do,
a butterfly on my right ankle for my mum as i got it done at the same time she got her second done and she paid for it so it just makes me smile,
Pink ribbon on my left ankle in remembrance of my cousin,
and two swallows on my right foot to remind me that everyone deserves love and will find their own true love.

17. I love going for walks to clear my head and it always makes me feel good after – with any excercise i find it always gives me a boost, even if i dont want to do it i know i should.

18. I’m kinda short – 5ft3 short in fact i think im 5ft2.5 but i cant remember and dont want to!

19. I paint my nails at least 3 times a week, if not 4 and always love learning new nail art techniques or making up my own!

20. I kinda horde loads of shower gels, hair products ect, since i started working for boots after a year a go now i swear my entire wage is spent there also! but i love my job, it breaks up uni work and gets me speaking to people instead of my head being in a book!

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(lovely text on first image created using the abeautifulmess app)


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