Maybelline baby lips product review

From left to right we have peach kiss, cherry me and pink punch. They all smell amazing! they have really funky package design and were all really soft on my lips…

Peach kiss which is the one in the purple packaging doesn’t really have a bold colour to it when its on, just kinda shimmery with the tiniest hint of bronze so just a super slight tint but it smells so good and feels really nice on the lips
Cherry me does have a colour tint. Its a really nice darkish pink but not in your face just a tint so its really wearable but build-able if you want a more vivid colour and its probably my fav as its a more natural colour as if youve kinda just bitten your lips and the smell of cherries is just divine.
Pink punch really does have a punch! its a much lighter pink colour on the lips, again its build-able so the more you put on the more vivid the colour and i put it on to go shopping today and i have to stay its staying power surprised me for a lip balm its pretty good and i don’t normally go for lighter pinks but this looks really nice with just eyeliner on my eyes for a casual day time pretty/girly look.
I was really excited about getting these and i haven’t been disappointed. Great smell, so soft on the skin and the shades ive got are really nice. Peach kiss is perfect for using when you’ve really focused on eye make-up just to add a subtle shine and tint and the other two that have a much stronger colour tint are perfect for looking after your lips and making them look good. I love them and for a really nice lip balm you cant really go wrong. I brought these from boots online – not sure when they will be available in store – haven’t seen them yet!

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