So today i went shopping with my twin and got a few bits! i was in dire need of some pumps as i’ve only just kinda trusted my ankle enough to start wearing them again (broke it in jan) So they were nice things to buy πŸ™‚ also went to poundland to get some stupidly cheap bargains, paperchase, primark and newlook. Heres what i brought…

Above is my haul from poundland! I LOVE the rimmel nail varnish! its in the shade purple rain – i shall have to swatch it for you guys its gorgeous! and they had some sinful colour shades which i was pretty excited about! my sister thought i was abit of a freak haha from left to right they are let’s talk, pink forever and black on black. I also got a rimmel lip liner – i kinda seem to be obsessed with lipstick and liners atm cause i got some other new ones the other day too πŸ™‚

Here are my other bits! In preparation for uni starting i got a whole bunch of sketchbooks. Throughout my previous two years i have gone through many sketchbooks but these from paperchase for Β£5 each! which is a really decent price, are by farrr my fav so i got five hah. The two pairs of shoes are from primark and were also bargains at Β£3 each! i love the design of the black ones and the blue is such a gorgeous colour on the others and with the studs they are just perfect! I also got two tops from newlook, the pink one is more of a raspberry and much darker in real life but for me and my shape i really love the flowy design whilst i’m trying to loose (i lost 7lbs this week!!) and the other is one i will kinda fit into probably in a couple of weeks as the past three times i’ve been to the newlook in basingstoke i have seen it and this time i thought meh its a fiver im getting it its obviously meant to be!!

so that was my day in buys! Im hopefully gunna post some of my fav lipsticks and swatch them for you tonight. Other posts in the pipe line are my nail care routine, favourite skin products/my routine, my hair care, tea stained quote canvas tutorial, room decor ideas and the mascaras i own and what i think of them! so lots to come so keep checking back πŸ™‚

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