Nivea in shower body moisturiser skin conditioner REVIEW

So i’m pretty lazy so finding a product i can use in shower so i don’t have to fart arse about when i get out having dried myself and then having to slap on a load of moisturiser and having to wait until thats dried before i can even do anything is pretty AMAZING!

i was kinda dubious as to whether this would actually work because you put it on and rinse it off which seems weird no?! (when i have a bath i just put a load on before i towel dry) but this stuff actually works! my skin feels SO SOFT! so i really cant recommend this stuff highly enough! and i got it on offer in superdrug and tesco so even better (£2.36 had a pound off in superdrug, tesco the same i think!)

I first of all got them one for normal skin (white) and that’s the one I’ve tried so far and it makes my skin lovely and soft but i cant help thinking the one for dry skin (blue) would be even better so i got that one too but have yet to try! The texture is really nice, feels luxurious and kinda creamy, not too light and not too heavy either, for me it’s like the perfect feel.

The only gripe i have is that the bottles REALLY look like shower gel and with me having a dad who just grabs anything and uses it i have a feeling if i leave this in my bathroom it will go down VERY quickly!! aha but other than that it is a revelation for people who are lazy like myself!

p.s apologies for leaving it a week to post again! naughty blogger amy!! but its been hectic with getting extra hours at work, now contracted all weekend instead of just 4 hours woohoo! more money for beauty stuff haha AND i have reading to do for my impending dissertation i will have to properly start when i go back to uni in sept eeek but i will try my hardest to post more often as i have so many things i want to post about for you guys!!


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