I ♥ drugstore makeup tag


1) What is your favourite drugstore brand overall?
I’m gunna have to say maybelline. I have a lot of their stuff and love the mousse foundation and mascaras. I also recently found the most PERFECT powder from that which i must buy tomorrow! However no7 is equally my fav as i have foundation, lipsticks, eyeshadows, eye pencils, creams, serums the lot from no7!

2) What are your favourite face,cheek and lip products?My favourite foundation is No7 beautifully matte in callico but in the summer i use the garnier bb cream for oily/combination skin in light. I also always use the garnier perfect blur primer – i love this stuff it makes my skin feel amazing.
For concellor i absolotely adore the collection 2000 lasting perfection one – it covers amazingly well for the price
For blush my favs are the maybelline mousse blush in peach or the seventeen blush and go of which i have two.
For bronzer its the no7 cream one or the powder no7 bronzing set i got at christmas
I love no7 lipstick and maybelline 24 hour stay in wildberry but my currently fav is the rimmel kate moss lipstick in 107.

3) Least favourite product?I cannot tell you how much i dislike this product – how it goes on and looks is fine, all be it a bit dry but it really really makes my eye lids REALLY sore and thats the collection 2000 liquid eyeliner

4) What is the best makeup bargain?This one is easy – for boots natural collection in general is a bargain and mua in superdrugs is a ridiculous bargain with a lot of products a £1!! A specific buy would be when i brought the new seventeen mascara recently and got a gel eyeliner free with the mascara already having a £1 off and i love both products!

5) What is your favourite underdog product?I used to think the brand 2true was a bit crap – judging a book by its cover! but it’s nail varnish range and lip and cheek tints are actually really good and its always 3 for £5

6) A drugstore product that is over priced?
I have to agree with alice from the fairest of them all here, mascaras especially max factor are a ridiculous price! granted they are good but when i can get mascaras from maybelline that are atleast £5 cheaper and much better i cant see the reason for them being so pricey.I also think the bourjois bronzer primer is really expensive at £9.99 for what it is but i also REALLY want to try it wahh.

7) Show your best drugstore dupes
I can only go on what I’ve seen of high end products but i would say the garnier perfect blur could easily out perform higher priced products – in fact it already does by miles compared with the l’oréal version.

8) Drugstore product that isn’t worth the hype?I recently tried the new maybelline vintage leather polish and although i havent read a review for them i have to say they really disappointed me and i thought they were no different to just normal matte polish.

done it http://the-fairest-of-them.blogspot.co.uk/ 🙂
I’m too lazy to tag but it was a super fun post to do!


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