Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo eye shadow review and swatches!

I’m kinda obsessed by this stuff! i brought my first one from ebay (metallic pomegranate) and the fact that it stayed on all day – even during a 9 hour shift at work! i was super impressed so i had to buy more! boots had a 3 for 2 on so that’s how i got the other four (i also got the 24hr stay powder and new brow brush but i’ll post about them another time)
I love eyeshadow, this is a kinda cream, that is highly pigmented and actually stands out but isn’t too out there and these really are the perfect shades and they also have brighter shades for those whom are more daring!
Another thing i was impressed about is that normally i find with cream eye shadows they tend to crease and look horrible but with these no greasing at all! they really are for me like a miracle find!
I’ve made the pictures huge up there so you can see the names of the colours and see them properly! i also mentioned swatches so here we are…

This one is called metallic pomegranate, i got this from ebay so i was really hoping i’d like it! but i was drawn to the word pomegranate and with my love of all things berry tinted i kinda thought i was onto a winner and how right i was! This is SUCH a nice shade and i can see me wearing this every day!

This one is called pink gold, it is a gorgeous colour! really in at the moment – so many people seem to be wearing the rosey gold colour! and this one is actually long lasting! so from day to night its perfect.

I got this one, called timeless black, as i really like smokey eyes for going out and as this eye shadow really is long lasting it will be perfect for such occasions and to still have make up on my face by the end of the night ha

This one is called on and on bronze. I’ve really gotten into bronze shades atm and i’ve started using bronzer instead or more peachy/pinky tones for blusher to give me more of a summer glow as im so pale! so this shade is great to really add to the look and is really striking to use on nights out and blend with the black for a really nice smokey eye look.

This one is called permanent taupe and it HAS to be the perfect everyday shade! and also for nights out if you want your lips to me the focus (my motto is eyes or lips to be striking/main attention not both!) this is a great shade to use so that you can still have something on your eyes! Again like the metallic pomegranate its something i can see myself wearing almost every day.

So thats my collection! i cannot recommend this enough. I must be honest i thought the idea of these lasting was absolute rubbish but they really do! and they don’t crease, i cant believe how good they are! and at £4.99 each and a 3 for 2 offer atm you kinda cant say no!


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