recent make-up purchases swatches

So i’ve posted a lot of haul posts where i’ve said i will swatch the stuff for you and i have woohoo! I’ll also do a little review for you guys too 🙂

Here is the collection 2000 eyeshadow pencil which is REALLY waterproof, i had to scrub my hand with a baby wipe to get it off! Its a really nice shade, especially going into autumn. I love wearing bronzey brown on my eyes as i have brown/hazel/green eyes so i just think it suits me!  If your looking for something like the maybelline color tattoo 24hr stay eyeshadow but dont want to pay £4.99, this one was only £2.50!! purchased from boots.

This eye pallet is rimmel and was from poundland so a complete and utter bargain. Not very pigmented but i can see it being good for blending and with a primer i think it will work quite well and i really like all the colours, especially the green.

Again this one is from poundland and same as the other one with a primer i can see it lasting okay, and for a night out having four shadows together to blend will really make an impact and for £1 you cant complain for 4 eyeshadows!

This was probably my best buy from poundland, i am in love with the colour. It doesnt last long but i can see it being better with lipcote which is on my wish list! for me its perfect as its a gorgeous coral but isnt too in your face as i dont usually go for lighter lipsticks but i love this one and for a £1 you cant go wrong and it looks lovely with rose gold eye shadow.

I’ve got a few of this now and i can see this being a really good high lighter for when i make a statement with my eye makeup.

Again i can see myself using this as more of a highlighter on my eyes but its a really nice feeling cream and £1 for calvin klein eyecream is ridiculous.

I can see myself using this on a night out. Its really pigmented and glittery so will be eye catching and the formula looks like it will last quite well and again for a £1 its a good buy.

So those are my swatches, i think i’ve got a few more to do but this is a start! and i really recommend if you have a poundland near you to go check it out its like a treasure trove!!


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