My new bags!

So i’m kinda a bag lover but i’m also a cheap skate so these two bags are the ones i’ve brought for when i go back to uni and they were also BARGAINS!

This white one is so pretty! really convenient as it has a long strap, i cant stand bags that just fall off your arm! and it has beautiful cut out detailing with a bronzey gold material behind it – it looks a lot nicer than it sounds hah but those are the website pics of it above! was £22.99 i believe down to £10!!! there’s plenty of room for all my books ect and it feels like a sturdy bag.

This next one i got from asos but it is actually a newlook bag, was £14.99 down to £7 and asos has free delivery so it was a really good find! I hate bags that i feel look cheap but this one has a really nice textured fake leather look to it and the handles are long enough that it doesn’t fall down my arm and its really roomy to fit everything in.
I’m always on the look out for bargains, when it comes to handbags and clothes i very rarely pay full price and since shops always seem to have a sale its easy to save money and buy lovely stuff! asos has a 70% off sale at the moment as well as newlook still having a sale on!
happy shopping!


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