my hair care routine

I Thought i’d go through products i use everyday for my hair. I have really thick cant make its mind up whether its wavy or straight hair so these products are a must!!

I use the l’oréal triple resist leave in conditioner spray as i never use conditioner when i was my hair as my scalp is sensitive so this is a great compromise and works really well.

This is a product i’ve recently got – the full repair flyaway tamer. It is literally a life saver as after i’ve washed my hair its like HELLO frizz so this makes my hair look a lot more together!

This shampoo is a life saver. I have mild psoriasis so this really help calm my scalp down and stop it from being so irritable. It doesnt smell great as it has coal tar in it but surprisingly it does make my hair shiny. so even though i have to use it it does leave my hair in a good condition and my scalp is happy.

This little bottle of loveliness also helps to tame my hair and makes it so soft and smooth. Its the got2b oil-licious. It is super cheap and doesn’t leave your hair greasy at all! for the price it is an amazing product.

Because my hair is so thick it always gets knotty and ever since i’ve got this i’ve been able to brush my hair with ease. I’ve never had a brush like it, it really gets the knots out without it being really really painful.

So these are my hair products i use all the time so if you’ve got thick hair these will really help!!


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