Pennyhill Park make up and food!

I wore my jewellery my mum gave me, antique ring and charm bracelet, as i always wear it on special occasions (it was my brothers birthday!!) and on my eyes i wore maybelline on and bronze color tattoo eyeshadow and on my lips i dabbed my new mac lipsticks in rebel then put lip balm over the top so it wasn’t so bright/in your face. I also used the new brow drama from maybelline on my eye brows and used my usual garnier perfect blur primer and used my no7 beautifully matte foundation.

The food was crazy good, above you can see what i had along with the Β£14.50 cocktail! crazy but it was super nice. It was the nicest fish i have EVER EVER eaten, cannot recommend pennyhill park enough!

Recently i also brought myself some lovely flowers πŸ™‚ i brought ones like these for my nanny a while back and have been looking in tescos for a while to see if they would be in again and finally i got them! the colour is so beautiful!.
I’ve also recently got into going up the driving range. It is an amazing way to exercise – you wouldn’t think it but whacking a ball takes quite a bit of effort! and its also a great stress relief and great to get outdoors.


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