so i was bored and decided to do my make up…

It has been ages since i’ve just sat down, looked at all my make up and just done it for the sake of doing it! and tonight was the night i decided to throw caution to the wind haha (i was avoiding uni work)

anyways recently my make-up collection has expanded pretty fast as its what i seem to spend most of my money on! some people buy shoes, others hair extensions ect i choose to buy a hell of a lot of make up haha. I also wanted to try out applying eyeshadow properly instead of just on my lid and that’s it. So here my attempt at ‘nice’ going out make up.

As you can kinda see i’ve used a highlighter and hopefully you can see i’ve used a mid tone and a darker shade and then eyeliner. For my lips i tried to do a two tone thing but it didn’t really work out, well it kinda did but it really is very very faint and you cant really tell from pictures at all! The picture below shows the products i used. Maybelline super stay 10h gloss tint in timeless plum and endless ruby , no7 eyebrow pencil, seventeen brushes, garnier perfect blur primer, maybelline super stay 24 hour waterproof powder in sand, seventeen blush and glow set (only used the pink), max factor while mega volume mascara, primark blusher brush (i used this to put my powder on), maybelline color tattoo in black for my eyeliner, bourjois bronze primer just used as a bronzer and not all over my face, maybelline quad eyeshadow set and no7 beautifully matte foundation in callico. I also used the collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer and the no7 clear eyebrow gel not pictured.

pictures not so good as its with my iphone and its dark so sorry about that!! in the process of trying to find my camera charger! any questions on application just drop me a comment and i’ll always reply :). Also if you have any posts you’d like to see or if theres a product you want me to go in more detail about that you’ve seen me mention, just let me know! 🙂 x


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