Real technique brushes plus Eco tools

So after experimenting with my make up yesterday I decided if I wanted to apply my make up any actual success I needed to invest in some good brushes. I read soo many blogs and on a lot of them they have at some time or another mentioned how good real technique brushes are and as boots is buy one get one half price I decided to give them a go.

I kinda went all out and got the core set at £21.99 and the eye set at 19.99 but at the cheapest was half price it was a pretty good deal if you take into account how much the brushes are each. I also got Eco tools blusher brush and eyeliner brush as I had points to spend :). 

The top image comes with the face, contour, foundation and concealer. The second comes with everything you need for eyeshadow and brow e.g highlight crease ect and the bottom picture is of my Eco tools blusher and eyeliner brushes the blusher one being £7.99 and the eyeliner £5.49 but they were £10 something with one being half price! Bargain really for a set of good quality highly regarded brushes. I shall do a post with a look I’ve created with them and let you know what I think 🙂 and I case your wondering I did just use my fingers before! I know what a sin! 

Amy x 


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