A beautiful mess photo idea book

Okay so finally after what felt like forever after pre-ordering it, I got this lovely book in the post by the inspiring authors of the a beautiful mess blog, app ect Emma and Elsie. I have to say it really doesn’t disappoint and feels so much like the blog in style visually and in writing that it is still just as inspiring and makes you want to try all of the ideas they suggest. The writing style is done in such a way that their passion for their photography shines through and makes you excited also. I’m currently half way through and already feel so inspired especially with what I use as backgrounds for portraits and light used. I don’t want to say much as i don’t want to ruin it! But it really is a beautifully laid out book with brilliant ideas that anyone can do regardless of what photo equipment you own and it celebrates you being “that one with the camera all the time.” I can’t wait to finish it and then read it again! And more importantly get going one some of their amazing ideas! With a little cousin on the way capturing precious moments will become even more important to my family.

Above is the book, even the front cover is wonderful! And if you follow a beautiful mess blog and admire the wonderful images they include you really will love this book. For people in the UK you can find this book on amazon currently priced at Ā£9.09 with free delivery, such a bargain!!


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