What i’ve been up to!

 1. my new pink big bertha from my dad – golf is slowly improving! and its even more special cause he got it cause he’s proud of me :)(L) 2. my new obsession to keep cravings at  bay! 3. my new make up storage from sainsburys, both half price! 4. i found out the end of a mua lipstick is more lipstick! *mind blown* 5. another new obsession – cous cous, it is so good for you! 6. i made an inspiration board for my weightloss 7. i made a meme! picture was from instagram – search nala cat, i just added the words 🙂 8. i made some bunting for my room! 9. the drawers i made with my glossy boxes 10. i made a quote canvas again with water colours and a sharpie 11. another new obsession so i get some calcium! babybel’s so good! and 12. the flowers i brought my mumma/chiquita /jaysean (she has many a nickname) cause shes awesome 🙂

Top left – my new cross trainer to boost my weight loss. Top right – presents from my sister. Bottom left – my first encounter with dotting tools and bottom right – my smokey eyes for work!

I also got a lovelyyyyyyyyyyyy new bed that my awesome dad built for me while i was at work on saturday! so i spend most of friday tiding and doing prep work but it was so worth it and my room even feels bigger as i used to have a divan!

what do you think of these posts? are they boring? what do you want to see more of?
up next will be my review on mac nightmoth and my recent looks using my real techniques brushes!


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