how to jazz up some plain shoes with studs!

To make up up my mind, after looking on google images, i tested out two different designs by lightly pressing the studs on the fabric so they would stay in place. 

All i did was put the first stud in at the top then use another one to guide me to make each gap equal and place another one beside that that and place it in the fabric. The studs have spikes on the back that you just push in. 

Here is the finished product! ‘plain jane’ boots to ‘grunge fashion’ boots in a super easy way! just buy some studs from eBay, i think mine were no more than £2.50 and stud away! so far i’ve customised a top and a bag 🙂 Putting on studs has probably added £5 or more to the value of the shoes. If you look in the shops you pay way more for shoes with some decoration than without so why not do it yourself!
I got these boots from asda because i broke my ankle/my ankles are wonky/my feet are flat i have to be really careful with what shoes i wear, especially when it comes to ones with a heel as it can be incredibly painful or cause me to fall over which is not wanted!! so these are nice enough/have a high enough heel to get away with wearing out clubbing/out out yet i can walk in them and feel relatively safe! so win win!


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