Haul post! Barbara Daly, Rimmel, Maybelline, Maxfactor, seventeen, L’Oréal

So I was trying not to spend money and I failed hard! Mainly cause I’ve felt a little poorly the last two weeks and I wanted shiny new stuff!

Here’s what i got on my early hours trip to tesco! i really wanted a highlighter and well tesco’s what the only place that was open and i couldn’t get to sleep so there you go!

I’ve been looking at the Barbara Daly range for a while and when i was searching tesco’s for the highlighters online – this one came up, the glow-up one that is! It was also on 3 for 2 so i got the face lift cream which apparently illuminates, has lots of lovely vitamins in and wakes your face up! I also got the soft focus highlighter but i can also be used to contour which is what i will use it for and well i needed tights!

Here’s my second haul from boots this morning as i needed to get a prescription i clearly had to look at the make up section too! The loreal nail varnish was only £2 so that’s why i got that! I have been eyeing up the seventeen skin wow 3 way highlighter for a while so im hoping it doesn’t disappoint as its really versatile! I also got another rimmel apocalips as i loved my other one, this time i went for more of a vibrant red called big bang which will be perfect for nights out as its long lasting and really eye catching. And yes your eyes haven’t deceived you i have got another color tattoo 24hr eye cream in immortal charcoal – it will be perfect for creating smokey eyes on a night out and just as lovely on its own.  I also brought the maxfactor miracle touch creamy blush – i have been eyeing this up for what feels like an age and i finally got it today! its in soft pink and unlike some creamy blushes this doesn’t turn into powder it’s more like if you were putting lipstick/lipbalm on your cheeks but obviously not literally but it has that kinda wear to it like it would stay on all day!
These are the swatches for the Barbara Daly products, left is soft focus, middle is glow-up and right is the face lift cream. They all have specks of glitter in and really work for giving you a natural glow so don’t be worried about the glitter!
Left is the apocalips swatch in big bang and right is the color tattoo in immortal charcoal. Forgot to swatch the maxfactor blush and other stuff but just know its really really good aha

And there you have it my recent haul! if you want any more details on any of the products let me know and i’ll be happy to do another blog post or reply 🙂


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