D.I.Y: How to make your own crayon lipsticks, that’s right i said crayons!

So i randomly came across this on youtube and i immediately went to tesco’s to get supplies as i thought if this works holy cow i can make A LOT of awesome lipsticks and for some reason i wanna see what i blue lipstick would look like anyways!
I just googled how to make crayon lipsticks and it came up with instructions, i think it was wikihow?! im so bad with links anyway it said to use petroleum jelly (Vaseline) so i got that and let’s just say they weren’t great, i mean i got lipsticks but they weren’t really pigmented at all so i wasn’t so pumped so i decided to search youtube again to try and find a different method and i came across this video…ย http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBmOOWR-6Tgย which said to try one table spoon of olive oil per crayon which was way simpler than an inch of crayon and half a teaspoon of Vaseline – i know im lazy but hey i need a fool proof way!
I am pleased to report this worked BRILLIANTLY and because you use oil, the previous fail also felt this way, the lipstick is sooooooo moisturising, it really reminds me of revlon lip butters pigment wise and feel.
I just want to clear this up now incase your like what the hell you cant put crayon on your lips, they are non-toxic!! and children put them in their mouths all the time!

anyways, you should watch the tutorial but here’s what you need/what you do…

you need:
Sauce pan
glass/metal jug
olive oil
table spoon

what you do:
make a of bain-marie
place the table spoon of oil and chosen crayon into the bowl (the glass/metal one inside/on top of the sauce pan surrounded by water)
with the handle of the spoon mix together
when fully melted carefully (i used a tea towel and picked the bowl up out of the water) take the bowl and pour the contents into your container.
Leave to cool down so that a skin forms on the top and then place it in the fridge for ten minutes so its fully cooled down and then your ready to go!

As you can see heres some of the steps in pictures, they arent in order but you get the idea and can see how its meant to kinda look! i just took a plastic container from tescos they put products in and it worked a treat!
Top middle and right are the results of my first try with vaseline – not much of an impact as you can see unless you CAKED it on and the product kinda collapsed when i was trying to get more of an impact for the swatch so fail!

Above is my lipstick im happy with! a perfect autumn berry shade that as i said before REALLY reminds me of the revlon lip butters in pigment and feel. My lips feel so moisturised. who’d of thought it from some crayons and oil!! To create the colour i used 3/4 of the raspberry colour and 1/4 of the dark purple. Also from this formula the lipstick has stayed solid after being touched quite force-ably, i think probably because i put it in the fridge this time and the balance between oil and crayon was correct.


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