Mac cyber dupe!!!

So i have been lusting after mac cyber for what feels like an eternity but i just cant justify spending £15 on a lipstick i probably will only have the balls to wear out once or twice! so i went on the hunt for something similar!

I first tried the accessorize lipstick in passionate but it just wasn’t deep enough and then vivo in deepest plum but again it just wasn’t deep enough or intense enough so i began searching google came across a gem! wet n wild in vamp it up 919B (here is the post i found on google that had the comparison and proceeded to purchase it on amazon. Considering it came from the USA it arrived really quickly!! it was £5.04 in total with half of that being shipping so im pretty chuffed with the price!

If you click on the link for the blog post i found that shows the comparison between the two you’ll see its a REALLY good dupe and way cheaper than mac cyber but still that gorgeous deep intense colour! I love this trend for autumn and i have plans to wear it out for a friends birthday soon!


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