Bourjois color edition 24H review

I only brought the shade kaki cheri as I felt a green was what was missing from my beloved maybelline color tattoo collection. 
As with all things that claim to be long lasting, I like to put them to the test during a 9 hour shift. I really like the colour pay off, application is smooth and the product feels nice on my lids. My only gripe is that it did crease where as the maybelline color tattoo doesn’t however that being said it wasn’t horrendous creasing and the level of pigmentation did remain all day. 
In my opinion it just isn’t as good as the maybelline colour tattoo because it does crease and the maybelline offering seems slightly more pigmented but it’s nice to have a lovely green in my cream collection and I think perhaps if I used a primer that was less silky (I use the garnier perfect blur all over my face) on my lids it might not crease so I’ll have to try that out! as I have a new NYC primer I have yet to try. One thing I think it is a head of compared to maybelline color tattoo is that it seems easier to blend as it seems to not dry as quick.
Amy x

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