REVIEW: L’Oréal nude magique eau de teint new foundation in 100 porcelain and BB powder in medium

I am so impressed with these two products! I purchased the foundation from tesco’s as it was on offer for £7, i got it in porcelain and i then got the powder in medium from boots as it was on offer for £5.49.

I’ve seen mixed reviews for the foundation but i absolutely love it. My skin literally looks so good – it really evens out my skin tone and makes my complexion look perfect. The only thing you HAVE to make sure you do is shake it! and then you get the best formula to work with as shaking it makes sure you get an even shade and the formula is all mixed in together as it seriously is so light so needs shaking but that fact its so light means it feels so lovely on your skin. My face feels so smooth after application and it really blends so well. I personally either use my finger as it suggests as i don’t see any issue with doing it this way or i place my real techniques sponge over the top and do it that way – either way you get a smooth even application.

The powder is just as good. You would think as i’ve got the porcelain foundation i would go for light powder – wrong! i find if i use a pale powder it REALLY washes me out and ruins all the work the foundation has done to make my skin look so good. I use my real techniques to apply the powder as i hate using the puff/applicators powder comes with and find it looks so much better when applied with a brush. I will however be using the applicator for other things as its really soft and will work well applying concealer, i just think you get too strong a result and it looks kinds cakey using it to put the powder on. The powder feels really soft on and really sets the foundation well. I love how smooth and light it feels on my skin. The case also comes with a handy mirror!

The two products really are a dream team and i cant believe how cheap they are!! even without any money off its only an extra £3/£1.50 extra. I have brought quite a few foundations recently trying to find the right one and this is definitely up there with the best. I need to do a round up post of all my foundations! will definitely be coming soon.


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