Yankee Candles – fireside treats and christmas eve!

So i lied when i said i was going to wait until payday because i’ve just purchased two from littlewoods! (i dont endorse littlewoods AT ALL but they are helpful to split the cost of some things, and their sales are normally good and they are fine to use if you don’t go mad!!!)
I decided to go with fireside treats in a large jar as i read a blog post from rabbit-wood and she said it smelt like toasted marshmallows and well that smell is amazing!! so i had to have that one, pictured below.

I also went for a christmassy one as i love christmas! in fact im going to the ideal home show at christmas which im super excited about! anyways i got one from the christmas range called Christmas eve in medium and it had money off so bonus! i googled the scent and it came up with most results saying it was fruity which is what i love! pictured below.

so im really looking forward to them coming! probably wont be until late next week as littlewoods get them from yankee – they dont stock them themselves wahh but im looking forward to lighting them up and they will hopefully keep me calmer through the mountain of uni work that faces me!

whats your favourite yankee candle? or any candle for that matter!


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