new shoe bargains! Tesco, Office & Newlook / Pumps, vans & creepers

I’m kinda a notorious bargain hunter in my family so much so that apart from beauty/skincare related stuff i very very rarely pay full price for anything! and yes that includes clothes, shoes ect. I have been known to wait for a piece of clothing i’ve really liked to go into the sale before buying it! (and i mean a couple of months) my attitude is kinda if its meant to be it will be haha let’s face it its gunna go in the sale eventually why not wait! So now you all know how stingy i am! i thought i’d share with you some recent bargain shoes i’ve got!

My first bargain is from newlook! i’d been eyeing these up for quite some time and by quite some time i mean ooo since january, not this exact pair, these probably for 3 months haha but i never really thought i’d pull them off but i saw them in newlook for only £12 instead of i think £27.99 and i thought right i’m having them! they are SO comfy so if your debating whether to get this style of shoe DO IT. There are soo many cheap pairs on ebay!
I was kinda naughty buying these cause i was low on funds but i had to have them. These lovelies are from the office sale. I have never seen this design before in the shops or online and i LOVE feathers and what they represent to me, in fact i have a tattoo of one behind my ear! so i fell in love and out came my card! these were only £25 down from £45 and i practically live in vans, or shoes that have a solid base since breaking my ankle back in jan has made my ankle even more wonky than it was before! so they are a staple in my collection and the print is so cute and unique.

These shoes are from tesco’s of all places. I get emails all the time about their sales but as i had been eyeing these up in the shop i thought i’d check to see if any decent shoes were in the sale and to my surprise these were!! I don’t really wear pumps a lot any more as they dont have enough support but if im going somewhere where vans aren’t appropriate i suffer for a few hours! I was really surprised with these as they have super soft padding under neath which i dont remember from seeing them in the shop but it makes them really comfy and they will be perfect for trips to the pub, cinemas, dinner out ect. These were £12.50 down to £6 which i think is a bargain as i seem to be obsessed with things with studs on atm, they also have a faux suede finish which i like and they really are comfy.

 Last but by no means least, these are another pair of shoes from tesco’s and these were £10 down to £5. I find size sevens seem to sell out fast with sale shoes so i was super chuffed when there were two pairs i liked in my size!! These are velvet in material and as you can see have a super cute bow with a kinda mesh bit underneath and a soft pointed end – basically they are so pretty and perfect. I love pointed ends as i think they flatter my feet – sounds weird but i think they do! These also feature a really nicely padded bottom so are just as comfy as my other pair and will be just as useful for the same reasons as above! I’ve been really impressed with tesco’s shoes recently as i also got some lush ankle boots and i had literally looked everywhere at any price for some nice ones and i found some i loved in tesco for £15 and they are super comfy as i wore them at work for 9 hours!

So if i were you i’d start stalking the newlook, office and tesco websites, actually tones of places have amazing sales atm so why not treat yourself and get a good bargain making you feel like your winning at life! i swear to god finding a bargain is like some sort of addiction i just cant help myself!


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