Pamper time. Anatomicals farewell the scarlet pimplehell mud mask review!

So yesterday i was feeling kinda stressed with dissertation stuff and the realisation of having to of created some form of draft for the 8th of november eeeeeeeek so i decided to take some time out, light some candles and treat my face to a mud mask!

Queue awful selfie but you can see how nicely the mask covers at least! I’m normally allergic to masks so was pleasantly surprised when i didn’t end up with a burning face! finally i have found a face mask that agrees with my skin!! Whilst on it felt nice and cooling, taking off was a doodle just with a wet flannel and my face appeared refreshed afterwards and felt really smooth and soft.
All in all if you have trouble with sensitive skin and finding masks that work for you i cannot recommend this highly enough! i really am pleasantly surprised plus nice and calm 🙂
Candles of choice were a sample of yankee’s black cherry, primarks coconut and mango candles and two other fruity randoms – my room smells amazing!


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