D.I.Y: my attempt at halloween skull string art from a tutorial on my favourite blog abeautifulmess

Okay so i have mentioned how much i love abeautifulmess SO MANY TIMES, but its literally the best blog it has so many different posts – fashion, d.i.y’s, recipies so yeah if you don’t follow it what are you doing?!?!


This is my attempted and you can see a screen grab of the abeautifulmess tutorial and a link to the tutorial below!

Here’s a link to the tutorial!!

Doesn’t it look beautiful in Elsie’s home! anyways i just wanted to kinda show you my attempt and the little twist i added and what i used here in the UK to make it!

Here are my steps pictures so you can kinda see what i did and how i followed the abeautifullmess tutorial! I added the crossbones just to make it slightly different and as you can see i forgot the mouth haha but that was easily rectified! It took a while putting in all the nails – it took 4 hours to do the whole thing! quite a while but it is so so worth it!!
I headed to B&Q, got an off cut piece of wood for £1, tester pot for £1.50, string £1 (this was from tesco), £1.76 i think around that mark for the nails, I already had a paint brush and hammer to bash in the nails. I remember it was definitely £4.88 so to create something like this for under a fiver is ridiculous!!
As you can see it goes a little something like this – paint the board, print and place skull onto board, nail around skull/eyes/mouth/nose, rip off skull print out, line around the skull, eyes, nose and bones or whatever you have chosen to do, and then begin to full in crossing over the string.
The tutorial is way better than my babble so have a look at that but yeah this is someone from the UK having a go at it 🙂 It looks like our string is a lot thicker, the one abeautifulmess used looks more like our wool and i couldn’t find white nails for the life of me but i still think it looks good!
I LOVE how mine turned out, it was so easy to do you just have to have lots and lots of patience!! Thanks to abeautifulmess for your awesome tutorials! This is probably meant for just halloween but i love skulls so ima just have mine up all year round, can’t wait to find a place for it in my room :).


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