D.I.Y: Lip scrub!

Since getting mac ruby woo, I realised my lips SERIOUSLY needed a scrub however i didn’t really wanna spend £5.50 or whatever the amount is on one, when i was looking online and i could possibly make my own as i really am skint now until payday!

Well the lip scrubs i found online included honey and i didn’t have any honey… so i thought i’d see how i went with using golden syrup and trying a slightly different recipe so here is my offering to the mass d.i.y lip scrub tutorials! and i don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but after i used my lip scrub i could easily put on my beloved mac ruby woo with no trouble and no unwanted skin showing (gross look right!) my lips were completely smooth and my lipstick looked as it should – perfect!

Ingredients/amount used: 
vanilla essence/1 tsp 
golden syrup/1.5 tbsp 
Olive oil/1 tbsp 
white sugar/3 tbsp
put all of your ingredients into a bowl and just mix until you have completely mixed everything together and you have yourself a lip scrub! if you want it to be less harsh just use 2 tbsp of sugar as the sugar is what gives it more grit/harshness. The vanilla essence is optional but it does take the taste of the olive away which isn’t so pleasant! 

Here is the finished product! i didn’t have a container to hand so i improvised and used a shot glass and silver foil top which works fine for me! To use i just massaged into my lips for a minute, washed it off and hey presto you have lovely smooth soft lips! I am super happy i can now wear my ruby woo with my added flaky skin YUK! (ruby woo is notoriously SUPERRRR matte) and this lip scrub will seriously come in handy in the incoming winter months!

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