My foundation collection and which ones i think are the best! REVLON, COLLECTION, MAXFACTOR, NO7, BOURJOIS, SEVENTEEN, RIMMEL, L’ORÉAL, GARNIER, MAYBELLINE

Hey there ridiculous amount of foundation!! I actually like all of these but i have a couple of favourites, okay maybe a few! but i thought i’d give you the low down on them as some are new or highly hyped and i thought hey i’ll throw my two pence worth in the mix too! The numbers aren’t in any order, it’s just how i photographed them. Read on for my top few!

Number one is the instant radiance foundation from No7. This has a really nice formula and i was kinda skeptical on how much it would really affect the radiance of my skin and was kinda worried with how it would react with my combination skin but its actually really good! This is in shade calico as i got match made. I kinda forget how good the No7 foundations are cause i’m always drawn to whatever the newest thing is but the instant radiance foundation is perfect for winter because as the name suggests it does make your skin radiant and perks it up when your looking a bit tired! especially for me being  in my third year at uni *cries* i must wear this stuff more! it’s so soft, lovely and i quite like the smell which reminds me of milk biscuits.
Number two is the beautifully matte foundation again in calico. This works wonders for my oily t zone but doesn’t look cakey on my drier skin so its a really good formula and again because i got colour matched it blends in amazingly well. I really need to use my No7 foundations more as i love the formulas and they are perfect for a really polished blended day time look. The matte look seems to be coming back so i cant recommend this stuff enough!
Number three is the seventeen stay time 25hr foundation in porcelain. I love love love this foundation for when i’m going out in the evening. Like it stats it is definitely fully covered and with using my real techniques brushes i get a really flawless finish. I cannot believe how good this is for the price. I got it in a 3 for £10 deal but i think it’s £5.99 normally – bonkers!
Number four is the collection lasting perfection ultimate wear foundation. I wasn’t balled over by this as much as i was the concealer offering but it is a decent foundation which i only paid £3.99 for!! I got this in ivory and it matches my skin tone pretty well. It’s quite a matte finish and doesn’t blend in as well as others i have but it’s still nice all the same.
Number five is the AMAZING bourjois happy light. This gem kicked my revlon nearly naked to the curb since i got it as i just love it so much. My skin looks brighter, flawless and it’s just a really nice formula and blends so well. The shade is the tiniest bit too dark for me but that isn’t a problem as it blends really well with my real technique brushes into my skin so i can get away with it. Its in porcelain 50 which is the lightest shade so if your really fair skinned i’d say it probably isn’t for you as its highly likely it will be too dark but it’s such a gorgeous formula and I’ve heard MAC do this white liquid stuff?! so there are ways to get around it.
In conclusion Boots brands and Bourjois have seriously up’d their game!

Number six is the rimmel wake me up foundation in ivory. In terms of how well this foundation works to create radiant skin i would say No7 instant radiance is on top. Having said that i wouldn’t not wear this offering as it still looks really nice and does have a nice blendable formula i just think No7 instant radiance does it better.

Number seven is the maxfactor xperience weightless foundation in light ivory. I really like this foundation, i dont think it gets talked about enough! it is so so so so soft to touch on my skin and the colour is really nice and really blends in well for a great looking finish. It has kind of a dewy matte finish so looks really flattering and it was randomly on offer in tescos so i got it for £3.99 win!

Number eight is the revlon nearly naked foundation in shell. I also have this in vanilla as i find either shade actually suits my skin as it blends in so well and looks so so natural. It’s perfect for day time and makes my skin feel so soft. It’s definitely rivaling my love for bourjois happy light and No7 instant radiance. I even converted my sister from rimmel so using this stuff as it looks so lovely and natural. Also the matching powder is really good – gives great coverage and feels really soft too. I’ve seen a lot of people moan about there not being a pump but i actually find it easier without as i work from my hand anyways.

Number nine is the L’Oréal nude magique eau de teint in porcelain. I really like this stuff and i think because of the formula being so runny it gets a bad name but for it that’s why it’s so good. It really does feel weightless and looks so natural and lovely on my skin. Again the matching powder for this is just as soft and lovely. It really is lighter than water yano try it out!!

Number ten is the garnier bb cream for oily skin. This was my savior during the summer and it was so light and let my skin breathe! i still wear it during the winter months when i’m having one of my cba days but still want a little coverage! It is the best bb cream I’ve tried and I’ve tried a few from seventeen, botanics and a few others i cant remember! and this came out top!

In conclusion my top three that really stand out are the Bourjois Happy light, Revlon nearly naked and No7 Instant radiance and as a bonus the Seventeen stay time foundation for a night out!

There are a few more foundations that i own but i haven’t included pictures because i don’t rate them so much and i’m not one for brand bashing but i’ll tell you what they are and just a brief explanation as to why i don’t love them.
First up is the revlon photoready foundation in vanilla. I just find it searches out my dry bits of skin and makes it look 1000x worse than it is – for me it just doesn’t like my skin!
Then we have the maybelline dream matte mousse. I used to use this for years and years and i’m just kind of over the whole mousse thing and again just find it doesn’t blend so well now I’ve experimented so much more
And finally we have the No7 beautifully matte mousse. The only reason this is on the ‘bad’ list is because they don’t have it in calico and i thought i’d try it in ivory but it’s a really dirty orange shade which does not look attractive AT ALL but the formula is nice, soft and smooth so if they have it in your shade go for it! i’m just saying trust in the colour match!

I’ve learn’t something from this post! Take photos in the day as night light is bloody awful! sorry guys! you think i’d realise this being a photography student but i have insomnia!! which reminds me i’m thinking of doing a post on how i cope with insomnia is anyone’s interested.


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