REVIEW: Benefit high beam

I have to be honest i was a bit dubious about this product as it seemed really light and i don’t like over the top highlighter/stuff that majorly draws attention on my face other than my eyes and lips! however the nice lady on the benefit counter said it would suit my skin tone and go really nicely with rosey cheeks and it came in a set so i didn’t really have anything to loose!
I first tried applying it with my fingers and it just didn’t blend in nicely at all so my number one tip is that you need some kind of brush for this to look really good! After watching some real techniques videos online i thought i’d try out my stippling brush with it and i’m super impressed. I just brush some of the product onto my hands and then stipple the brush into the product and use the stippling technique to apply it to whatever area on my face. I tend to just use this above my cheek bones and it gives a lovely effect.Β 
The high beam looks so lovely when it’s been applied properly and i practically wear it every day now i love it! I’d never really used highlighter before now but it really adds something to your finished look i think and really brightens your face! I would never ever normally spend this much on one product, the bargain hunter in me is just shouting noooo but for me i don’t think there’s any product that compares so like the benefit they’re real mascara i would make an exception to repurchase this! A lady at superdrugs did say the mememe version is pretty good but having tried their dupe of the benetint i somehow don’t think it will truly live up to it! but for Β£5.99 i think she said i will probably give it a try so i’ll let you guys know!

P.s isnt bedding a wonderful background haha as you’ve probably noticed from the last few posts i did a mass photo shoot on tuesday so i could get a picture of everything in day light as i’m such a night owl! I hope you’ve been enjoying my recent posts i really feel i’ve kinda found my own style now and love writing them πŸ™‚


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