face of the day! L’Oréal, Bourjois, MUA, Seventeen, No7, Benefit, Nyx, Maybelline and Garnier.

Above is my face of the day! I woke up super early because i was nervous about my dissertation draft feedback (It went really well by the way! so i didn’t even need to be worried!) i woke up at like half 5 :/ but managed to stay in bed til half 7 and got up and fluttered about watching some masterchef (i LOVE masterchef btw!), eating breakfast for once and then i decided to make an effort with my face!
I use the L’Oréal wipes to get rid of my make-up (my micellar water was down stairs and I’m lazy!) These are really lovely wipes, i normally use the pink ones but decided to try these out as it refreshed and rebalenced the skin which sounded great to me! they definitely refresh and feel really lovely on your skin and don’t tug at all, they are super soft!
I then apply my L’Oréal skin perfection serum – I use this instead of a moisturiser as i don’t want to pile a load of products on my skin and find it’s a really nice base for everything else and it really does make my skin feel SO soft and lovely, my skin really gets on well with it.
I then apply garnier 5 second blur primer, this stuff is amazing and i think i actually prefer to to my benefit porefessional, especially the price haha i normally keep my porefessional for nights out or special occasions as it’s expensive so it’s great I’ve find a primer that REALLY works in making my skin smooth and soft and it really does blur imperfections plus it’s half the price!
I did put foundation on today guys but forgot to include it in the picture oops! i used the L’Oréal eau de teint foundation in ivory as it goes on really well with just using your fingers! and i left pretty much all of my brushes downstairs and was too lazy to get them sooo but i REALLY like how this foundation looks and it feels super soft.
Then i moved onto my eyes, now you may of thought the baby lips was for my lips but no! i used it as a primer for my eyes. I read it on a blog, i can’t remember the blog sorry! but i was like hmm bit weird but i’ll give it a go and i am SO glad i did, 4 hours on and my eye make-up looks as good as it did when i first applied it and that NEVER happens to me so i will be stocking up on the blue baby lips just for my eyes now! and it’s made me love my mua heaven and earth palette even more – which is what i used for my eyes. I used the first shadow on the top row on the left as a high lighter,  bottom row second left for all over, bottom row fourth from the left for my crease and bottom row sixth from the left for the outer lid. I used seventeen’s backlash mascara, i’d forgotten how good this stuff is! I then used the no7 lash and brow perfector just to tidy up my brows.
For my cheeks i used the mua blusher in marshmallow – such a good blusher for only £1! I used the bourjois bronze primer as a bronzer as for me it’s farrrr too over the top to use as a primer but works really well as a mousse-y bronzer. I then used my benefit highbeam for a highlighter – such a beautiful product!
For my lips i just used my no7 lip crayon, i cant remember the shade but it’s the only purple/plum one they have so it’s easy to find! I just lightly dabbed this on for a light flush of colour which goes perfectly with my kinda smokey eye. 
To finish off i used my nyx hd finishing powder. This stuff is INCREDIBLE. My skin feels ridiculously soft and 4 hours after application my skin still feels as soft as when i applied it and so far so good, it’s keeping my make-up in place and my horrible oily t-zone hasn’t reared it’s ugly head! Massive thumbs up!
So that’s my face! if you want a more in-depth review of anything I’ve used just let me know! but my major tip of the day is that the babylips lip balm, can’t speak for the others but the one in the blue casing, is a REALLY good eye primer!!! Have an amazing weekend and if like me your working all of it i hope it’s not so bad!! – Amy x

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