Pinch punch first day of the CHRISTMAS month!!

Okay so I was procrastinating from Uni work and it’s now the 1st December, I had wrapping to do and I really wanted a tree so I took matters into my own hands and off to tescos I went! 

So here is my £5 tree well with decorations it was more, I got two sets of 3for2 decs totalling £3.50. The red and white baubles were in a pack of three for 50p as were the plain red ones and part of 3for2 at tesco, bargain!! The Bambi lookalike was £1.50, the gingerbread man £1 and the wooden heart £1.

The candy canes came in a pack of 6 for £1. The little red parcels were 50p.
The fairy lights were half price, I got two sets at 90p each. The green paper tree is previously got from wilkinsons for £1.25 and the red glass heart was from the ideal home show for £3. Just incase you like the wrapping it was all from tescos 🙂 as I have trouble sleeping I go there A LOT. 
Tescos had some super cheap decorations for very little, I can’t believe the red and white baubles were 50p!!! I’m feeling so festive, I can’t wait for Uni to finish and to just relax a bit before I have to knuckle down again with my dissertation. 
I have soooo much to blog about regarding my birthday, what I got, more Christmas posts planned ect. I haven’t been very well this week and stuff has happened which has been poo but I’m getting better! So will be back fighting fit soon and hopefully back to blogging every day! For now enjoy my Christmas decs! And yes there are more decorations to be put up 😀 – Amy x


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