now tv box review plus who won my give-away…

So this is abit of a random post but I’m so impressed with it I had to tell you guys about the now tv box that my lovely dad brought me yesterday cause he’s lovely. 

Here is said box… Well it’s the ickle white box, it’s like the size of two iPhones just thicker, maybe even smaller. It comes with a hdmi cable and that’s the only input so your tv needs to have that! And the power supply obviously! 
Basically it connects via wifi and you just need to create a now tv account which is free to do, you get to pick a trail of something, I picked movies and you get that for 30 days for free!! They do ask for your card details as the subscription starts automatically after the 30 days BUT you can just cancel the movie pass or whatever you’ve picked straight away so you don’t get charged as then it doesn’t auto renew so no money is taken! But you still get your 30 days free without having to worry about remembering to cancel however I think it’s that good I’m going to keep mine! 
You can watch 4od, demand 5 and bbc Iplayer completely free with no subscription needed which is amazing! as my tv isn’t connect to an ariel as my dad disconnected all the tv’s apart from the living room and my mums so she could have free view, ANYWAY! 
There’s also free apps like horescopes, Facebook photo viewer, tune in radio thing, Picaso viewer – all sorts!
My dad got mine from pc world/currys for £14.95 and it came with a sports day pass all together worth £19.95 but you can buy the box on its own from the now tv website for £9.99 we just wanted it on that day! You can also get one for £24.95 that comes with 3 months movies subscription so that works out about half price what it would cost for 3 months, but you also get a 30 day trial so if you picked movies for that you’d get a whopping 4 months! 

So really it’s kinda this amazing little box and so far I’ve watched the little mermaid, Arthur Christmas, Cinderella and the Santa Claus 3. The movie section had really good films avaliable for example identity thief, this is 40, les miserables are already on there and there is a whole host of Disney films! So yes I am that impressed I had to tell you guys about this amazing thing! 

– Amy x

P.s my Christmas Day, Boxing Day, what I got and sale hauls will be coming soon I’ve just been exhausted from overtime at work and the Christmas festivities!
P.s.s incase you’re wondering the lovely Alice from won my mac lipstick giveaway and she chose up the amp which by the looks of it is a gorgeous shade I may also have to buy myself too! So that will be sent off very soon as soon as I’ve picked up my order from the shops! She has a lovely blog I follow and love to read so check it out 🙂 


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