The biggest sale’s haul post you have probably ever ever seen!

Okay so whilst taking the pictures for this post I kinda shocked myself at how much I’d brought given that it isn’t even a week since Christmas day! oops! but I did get some really good bargains and as my student loan comes in on the 6th I don’t need to worry phew! I’m honestly not showing off I really work hard for my money working all weekend whilst trying to juggle being a third year at uni, work experience and extra shifts at work on top of that as well as trying to find time for a social life and my family! I just wanted to show you what deals were around and to give you some inspiration!
I’m gunna do this post by shop so first up is my beloved place of work boots! oh how I love their half priced sale! I wont say the price of what I paid as I can’t find the receipt and I’m lazy so i’ll just say what the half price price would be.
Back scratcher £2.50 down from £5 / soap and glory sexy kohl £8 down from £16 / L’Oreal set £5 down from £10 / soap and glory powder trip £10 down from £20 / 10 in 1 tool kit £3 down from £6 / soap and glory bright and bubbly set £5 down from 10

Beauticology big set £6 down from £12, beauticology tin set £4 down from £8 / Yankee tea lights merry marshmallow (actually from house of fraser but I just included them in this picture) £3.38 not sure on price before this but £3.38 sounds bloody cheap to me!

Here’s a closer look at some of the stuff – You get 5 eyeliners and 3 eye shadows with the soap and glory sexy kohl set, a mini hand food, clean in me, scrub, body butter and shower ball/flannel type thing what are they called?! and I just thought I’d show you the front of the cute beauticology tin set.
This mirror was £49.99, down to £15.99 but with discount I think I paid around £12.50 so I am absolutely chuffed with this. I’d been eyeing it up for ages and I brought this with a voucher my auntie and uncle gave me so even better!

 Next up is newlook. I was so happy with the amount of tops I found as I normally don’t really find anything I like! top left was £7, top right was £6, bottom left was £6 and bottom right was £5 – all wayyyyy over half off! I also used a voucher my cousin and her husband gave me for Christmas so it was even better!

Next up we have the body shop! I like to treat myself when there is a sale on at the body shop because their products are so lovely! I’ve been lusting after a body butter for a while so I was pleased when they were on sale for £5, I got papaya. Passion fruit shower gel £3 / cranberry hand cream £2 / the chocolate stuff was I think £2.50 each, might of been £3 each i got the shower gel, body butter and soap and the gingerbread soap I’m pretty sure was £2.
I got this eye shadow palette from superdrugs for 99p! bargain and it has a good variety of colours – all shimmer which I like and they seem to be of an alright quality too.
These lovely things are from wilkinsons. Owl jar £1 / wicker heart £1 / bell lights £2.50 / bauble 75p / candle holder £1 / calendar block £2.75 – all half price or more.
Littlewoods sale stuff – love label rollers £4, one direction glitter eyeliners £4 (I had to pick something else to get three for two and I needed a new black glitter liner, don’t love one direction but to be fair to the boys i’m really surprised at the quality of these and it cost less than one glitter eyeliner would of been from boots or superdrug) love label eye shadow palette £3 /  burgundy top £21 / black and navy striped v neck £4 / fluffy jumper with black dots £10 – everything again at least half price or less.
I got these from Debenhams half price were £30 down to £15. They are a reverse conical which means the curls are loser at the top and tighter at the end to create subtle messy wavy curls which is just what I want!
This is what I had been planning to buy for quite some time! I got it for £329 instead of £369 but it’s now randomly full price again. So this will be coming tomorrow and i’m pretty excited. I have a beasty desktop for work on photoshop and gaming ect but I needed something for blogging, general surfing and being able to move about whilst writing my dissertation so this will be perfect and it’s a great price for the spec.
Last but by no means least I had to get some cheap chocolate! I hot the polar bear for 45p, the lindt lindor star for 19p and the reindeer gingerbread from 45p!
I’m really looking forward to new years eve as I’m going to a house party with fireworks woohoo so I probably wont be back blogging for a couple of days and my next post will probably let you in on my new years resolutions! – Amy x


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