My thoughts on the urban decay naked 3 palette, how does it compare to 2?

 Okay so personally I think this is the most beautiful palette I’ve ever seen and that’s saying a lot considering I read beauty blogs every day with an array of palettes being reviewed, for me this is the most beautiful!

from left to right we have strange, dust, burnout, limit, buzz, trick, nooner, liar, factory, mugshot, darkside and blackheart. I definitely prefer 3 to 2 as my naked palette 2 has basically been forgotten about oops and i didn’t buy it all that long ago! but at the same time they are pretty different palettes tone wise i can see me using naked 2 more in the summer time. Anyway back to this baby! I think it has a nice array of mattes, shimmers and glitters. The shimmers are my favourite especially buzz i think it is just the most beautiful eye shadow i have ever ever seen. I tend to use buzz and onwards more especially liar and mugshot as i like to create a nice smokey eye and that tends to be what i wear every day tbh. I do however always use strange as a highlight on my eyes as its beautiful and subtle. If i want to create smokey eyes with more of an impact i will either use darkside or blackheart in the outer corners of my eyes and blend inwards.

Here are the swatches! please click on the image above to get a better look i promise they are actually in focus!
First one bottom to top strange, dust, burnout and limit.
Second bottom to top buzz, trick, nooner and liar.
Third bottom to top factory, mugshot, darkside and blackheart.
It is just so beautiful! *swoons*

Here’s a comparison shot of naked 2 and naked 3. In my opinion they are pretty different, a lot more variation in comparison to naked 1 and 2 i would say. Naked 2 has a lot more bronzey and taupe tones where as 3 has a lot more rose, rose gold and pinky browny tones. It’s kinda hard to describe so it’s easier to actually show you what i mean above!
Urban Decay eye shadow staying powder is second to none. naked 2 was my first venture in to high end eye shadows and i’ve never looked back. Sure cheaper stuff like mua is great and can also look beautiful but i just find the staying power just isn’t there, like when i go to work i want to know my make-up will stay on my face through out the day yano! so I highly reccomend naked 3 as it is just beautiful and urban decay eye shadows are just amazing for pigmentation and longevity and to be honest for £37 for 12 eye shadows if you think about it it’s not actually that bad a value either when you consider how long it will last you!
Just an unrelated thing… currently trying out lake sunset by yankee candle that i got from my aunt and uncle for christmas and it just smells so nice and is so calming!! I’m currently trying to down size my room and sort all my crap so i need to be calm!!
– Amy x

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