My MAC lipsticks collection

It was only towards the back end of last year that I found my love for mac, well that I found my love for more high end make-up to be honest! I now have quite a nice little collection including a couple of eye shadows and a blusher from mac. I have accumulated a lot of benefit!! and I have bobbi brown bb cream too. Next on my wish list is definitely Nars sheer glow *swoon* Anyway I thought I’d start by showing you my little lipstick collection, which most are presents I paid for 2 and a half, a half because my sister thought £15 was extortionate for a lipstick and yes i can see her point so she gave me £7.50 towards ruby woo haha.
From left to right, on both pictures there is Mehr – matte finish, Syrup – frost finish, Rebel – satin finish, Viva Glam I – matte finish and Ruby Woo – ultra matte finish. If you would like to see swatches let me know but I’m sure these lipsticks have been swatched to death as I picked some shades looking on google at swatches haha anyway!
Mehr and Syrup are my two everyday colours. I was a bit dubious about a frost finish but I actually love it, It doesn’t last as long true but it makes a nice chance to wearing a matte and if you put mehr on first and then syrup they actually blend really nicely to create a super pretty hybrid shade. So yeah these are my go to lipsticks for everyday.
Rebel and ruby woo are normally my go to lipsticks for a night out. Staying power is awesome, especially ruby woo and they both just make such a statement and my going out make-up look always includes a bold lip. The rebel satin finish feels really nice on my lips as does the ruby woo ultra matte but you NEED to scrub your lips before you put this on as it is kinda difficult to work with if your lips aren’t super smooth but it looks so pretty so I don’t care!
Last but by no means least is the Viva Glam I. I just think this is such a classy shade. It’s the perfect day time lunch with the girls kind of red. I would definitely rock this in the day if I were going somewhere nice! and nice is anywhere except the supermarket haha so I do actually wear this a lot. 
My first mac lipstick was rebel and then it just kinda grew pretty quickly as I think I got rebel in hmmm tryna think september? could of been late august but yeah not that long ago hence you can’t see a lot of wear but yes since letting mac lipsticks into my life I will never look at another drug store lip stick in the same way! I kid I kid but seriously with some of the shades I just don’t think you can compare and the wear time on the matte finishes is second to none. So yes I’m hook line and sinker for mac lipsticks now! 
What’s your favourite mac lipstick? Is there a mac lipstick on your wishlist?
–  Amy x


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