accidentally shopped the boots 70% off sale – oops! (picture heavy because I clearly can’t control myself!)

Okay I am fully aware I am literally batshit cray BUT 70% off c’mon. This little haha lot cost me just over £50 which is RIDICULOUS! I am like set for soap and glory powders for like two years! You may notice a slight difference to what you paid as I got discount on top of everything (so that’s the price listed as that’s the price on my receipt!) except the Soap and Glory face time set. It would of come to £186 but I saved £133.23 so I paid £52.77. I think you’ll all agree that that is f**king RIDICULOUS and boots as the best sale ever and i love love love working there!! and now you might be able to understand why I brought so much haha yeahhhhhhhh, anyways below is what i got!

James Brown colour enhance set comes with shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and dry shampoo. £2.62 was £10
Savoury selection comes with two little onion relishes, hot mustard and gooseberry chutney yum yum! £1.31 was £5

Nivea smooth skin set comes with hand cream, little body lotion and a vanilla and macadamia nut lip butter i have been wanting to try forever! £1.57 was £6

I had to pick up another soap and glory powder trip (I brought one when they just had 50% off) £5.25 was £20

Soap and glory face time set comes with lip balm, puffy eye attack cream, translucent bb cream and off your face wipes £7.50 was £25

Babyliss stacking gifts comes with a cherry body scrub, vanilla body lotion, chocolate and ginger bread shower gels, bath salts and a well it’s not a flannel but you get what I mean I can’t think of the name! £2.63 was £10

Umberto Giannini hair set comes with small dry shampoo, hair spray and my fav backcomb in a bottle plus some pretty hair slides £3.15 was £12

Charles Worthington textured up do kit with hairspray, texturising spray and a hair doughnut £3.15 was £12

set of three Sanctuary body butters £2.63 was £10

Soap and Glory girl-o-whirl set, comes with 6 eye shadows, 6 lipsticks, a lip balm stick, mascara, glow all out, solar powder, brush, built in mirror and voucher £10.50 was £40

No7 bronzing set comes with powder and kabuki brush £3.72 was £16.00

Umbrella £4.37 was £10 (got in 50% off)

Colours by technic make up collection comes with eye shadow, bronzer/blush section and lipstick section £4.37 was £10 (got in 50% off)
all that overtime over Christmas was definitely worth it tehe. So I’m gunna be pretty busy trying all of this lovely stuff out and I’m sure there will be reviews to come from it so keep your eyes peeled! and why not pop down to your local boots/look online to see what’s left to see if you can grab yourself a bargain! This is literally my favourite time of the year haha! – Amy x

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