#BloggersWLW and pumpup app review plus… why are you posting Amy!

Okay so I know what I said, I wouldn’t post til the 28th but I’m literally loosing my mind. Blogging seems to be the only thing that is giving me an ounce of happiness lately so I’m happy with the amount of work I’ve done today so I’m giving myself a break!

So it turns out writing a dissertation makes me eat a lot of crap ’cause I just don’t have the time to cook and I am needing comfort! so with that said I probably wont see any results for a couple of weeks because well I’m not trying. That doesn’t mean I intend to put any on though!

I’m going to use my pumpup app on my iphone to make sure I do at least 30 minutes exercise a day which will hopefully help with concentration, give me a little break and combat putting anything on! above you can see what the app icon looks like and btw did I mention It’s completely free!!! and this app is also available for android too woohoo.

Okay so basically you make a kind of profile and enter in your details – these are private btw! and you don’t have to add any friends or anything so don’t worry about anyone snooping on your info! pick what kind of level fitness you’re at e.g how often you normally exercise and you pick whether you want to do it to loose weight, be healthy or build muscle.  You can also pick how long you want to exercise for so for me it would be 30 minutes but you can do as little as 15 minutes! You then pick what equipment if any you have at home and then it tailors an exercise routine especially for you. The routine comes with tips and demonstrations so you know your doing it correctly and it also tells you when to take breaks, amount of reps – everything you need to know. It has a great balance between cardio and weights to really maximise your exercise time! Also at the end of the workout which I think is hilarious it asks how your feeling and you can take a picture of yourself to look back on, I am in stitches looking at mine haha.
So yeah if you’re struggling with exercise this app is AMAZING, it is tailored to you and it’s free so what more could you want! Images from google. I may blog again before the 28th I might not, sorry for being vacant! I just didn’t wanna miss out on the #bloggerswlw post! I will definitely be blogging about glossybox when I’m back properly, I am so disappointed guys! I cancelled as soon as I got it! Anyway back to it! and yes I know it’s half 2 in the morning wahhhh.
– Amy x

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