REVIEWS: Bourjois Healthy Mix Blush 41 and NYX eyebrow cake powder in dark brown

Okay so I am loosing my mind! I’m surrounded by pieces of paper with what feels like a gazillion notes, I’m filled up with caffeine and I’m going slightly crazy! These two lovely products arrived today which was something very well received to lift my spirits!

First up is the beautiful bourjois healthy mix blush. It’s a gorgeous peachy coral kinda shade! It will definitely be perfect for summer but I will wear it all year round ’cause I don’t let the seasons restrict me damn it! haha. It’s a really natural looking blush. Definitely build-able – if your scared of putting too much on I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to do with this little beauty! I got this from littlewoods for £6 which is cheaper than what superdrugs are selling it for. I’ve had my eye on this for a while and I’m really glad I got it in the end as it’s really natural and I’m really getting into the peachy/coral shades recently as I am loving benefits coralista. It comes with a brush which I personally don’t think is too bad if your in a rush, it’s quite soft. The mirror inside the casing is also really handy too!
Okay here we have the NYX eyebrow cake powder in dark brown. I wanted to try this as I have the MUA version but I wanted to see how one that was slightly more expensive would compare. I also got this from littlewoods for £7 but I used some rewards so in the end it was about £3.50 – bargain! I’m super happy with this. I think it’s more natural looking than the mua offering and the wax feels a lot less gross I guess. Without the gel the darker brown of the two looks it which is the top left image with the darker brown being on the right the lighter on the left. However with the wax (bottom right image dark left lighter right) this look pretty much identical other than I think the lighter one comes up just a smidgen warmer in tone compared to being quite a bit warmer when swatched without the wax. The darker brown is a perfect match for me and I felt really comfortable with using the product as normally I get self concious and think gahh they look too fake but they looked so nice with this product and really natural just more groomed! The application tools are fine, I especially like the spoolie but in terms of the slanted brush if I could be bothered I’d probably get an even better result with my real techniques one. 
I am super happy with both these products! and It definitely made my day more bare-able! I’ve written about 1800 words for my dissertation today which in a day with research is a bloody long slug! Even though I’ve read everything before I am incapable of writing without the sources still in front of me to refer back to all the time – Its annoying! Below is the state of my conservatory which I’ve basically just taken over! Let’s just say energy drinks and coffee are my friend! Please send me positive motivational vibes haha! – Amy x


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