stupidly huge payday HAUL! make-up, brushes, skincare and jewellery. Brands include Indeed lab (hydraluron), rimmel, soap and glory and much more! oops

It feels like I haven’t blog in sooooooooo long! but I am pleased to say I’ve done the bulk of my dissertation, past the 8000 words mark and after going through everything and writing up my conclusion I’ll be well on my way to over the 9000 words target so I’m pretty happy with myself – pretty happy and pretty hyper as I’ve had about 6 expresso’s and 6 energy drinks today wooooooo haha.

Anyway’s onto the good stuff! After what felt like the longest time ever because of getting paid early in December it was finally my favourite time of the month! PAYDAY! and as I’d done so much over time it was a pretty nice on too! so I went to boots a couple of times, popped into primark, went to tesco, basically I got A LOT. On with the pictures….

 Rimmel Match Perfection in ivory £5 Asda // Avéne soothing moisture mask clearance £5 Boots // T/Gel Shampoo £4.69 instead of £6.99 with vouchers Boots
Vaseline deodorant on offer £1 Boots // Natural Collection Pink Mallow lipstick £1.89 Boots // Soap and Glory peaches and clean around £4 on offer with vouchers Boots
Statement necklace £3 Primark // statement necklace £2 Primark 
 Necklace sale £3 Accessorize // Necklace sale £3.60 Accessorize
No7 Beautiful Skin cleansing balm for dry/very dry skin around £4 with vouchers Boots // No7 Beautiful Skin wipes Boots // No7 Beautiful Skin day cream for dry/very skin Boots around £5

Botanics all bright two for £6 cleansing toner, day cream, eye roll on, eye make up remover

 Two packs of No7 make-up sponges 75p with voucher (normal price £3.75 for a two pack) // Hair slides £1 Primark // Space wrapping paper £1 Primark
 Three for two on Revlon // matte lip balm in sultry, matte lip balm in stand out and waterproof lash potion
Barbara Daly brush set sale £3.75 Tesco // Barbara Daly sale nail scissors around £1, Blusher brush around £1.50 and retractable lip pen around £1.50 Tesco // No7 eye shadow crease and contour brush around £4 with voucher Boots
Hydraluron with a third off around £16 Boots
I made myself wait all day today until I’d progressed more with my dissertation to have a play and on first impressions i can’t believe how much of a bargain the Barbara Daly brushes are – they are SO soft and I absolutely LOVE the formula of the Revlon matte balms, I am so so impressed and I love the two colours I picked after swatching my whole hand haha. The aim was to get one matte balm one lacquer but I actually didn’t like any of the lacquer ones and it looked at though they all had a fair amount of glitter in and I don’t like lip products with glitter in! Ever since Louise from sprinkle of glitter talked about hydraluron in one of her videos I’ve wanted it so I was REALLY happy when payday came and it was still on offer as £25 is steep! I’m really hoping it sorts out my dry skin as my t-zone and cheeks are SO DRY. Most of what I’ve brought I’ve had my eye on for a while. I was going to buy nars sheer glow this month but a £100 dentist bill has cropped up and I’m going away for a few days to Bournemouth on the 10th of Feb so I thought I’d better wait til next month hey! 
I am positive most of these will get full reviews, more than likely the Revlon matte balms first, I LOVE THEM! Have you got any of these things? Do you think I’ve had a good splurge? Also quick disclaimer – my week is filled with Uni work as I’m in my third year and my weekends I’m at work the WHOLE TIME so when payday comes around I like to have a good shop as I’ve worked so hard so please don’t think I’m bragging as I have brought all of this myself, not with my student loan, not with hand outs. So I just wanted to kinda put that out there!
Sorry I had such a long break from blogging, well it feels like it was long to me! but as I’ve got the bulk of my dissertation out of the way it should kind of go back to normal now, definitely back to normal after the third of Feb
– Amy x


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