#fotd using the Elizabeth Arden fall palette and review

#fotd using the Elizabeth Arden fall palette. I used the golden sands all over my eyes up to my brow, golden ivy on my lids and shimmering emerald on the outer corners of my eyes. I used rose illumination as a highlighter and red door red on my lips. 

No foundation or concealer ect (thankyou hydraluron) as it was a spur of the moment play around with my new palette. I do have L’Oreal miss manga mega volume mascara in supposedly purple on my lashes though. So far so good with the palette, it’s so versitile, I love the greens and I really love the high lighter and lipsticks well basically everything then hey haha. I got this palette half price from littlewoods for £22, I know they have it on very.com for £17 but I’m not sure if you can get this particular palette anywhere else. I really wanted to try Elizabeth Arden in general so a palette like this gave me the perfect opportunity to!

Oh and can I just share something that literally made me cry with joy today three times I’VE HANDED IN MY DISSERTATION!!!!!! WOOHOO 

Clearly had to capture said moment. Such a weight off my shoulders and I finally got to re watch the lion king! Tomorrow is despicable me, having a play with all my new things and getting stuff ready for my little break to Bournemouth where it will be raining the whole time but I don’t even care, time to myself will be pure bliss.

What do you think of Elizabeth Arden? Ever tried any products? 
– Amy x

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