How much is my face worth? (make-up edition) and #fotd

I’ve saw the how much is my face worth thang a while ago and I was bored tonight and thought hey I’ll do my make-up and have a play and then I thought well this would be the perfect opportunity to do, I guess it’s a tag, this! Yes I’m aware you have to be tagged but I don’t go by rules and I tag all of you so everyone can join in!

Porefessionals – £24.50 / Bourjois happy light foundation £11.99 / Elizabeth Arden Palette £22 / Sleek pink lemonade blush by 3 £9.99 / Soap&Glory eye liner £5 / L’Oréal Miss Manga £5.99 / Nyx brow cake £7 / L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée Julianne £8.19 / seventeen eye trio £5.49 / emite eye shadow in nect $27 – £16.45 / Bourjois healthy mix concealer £7.99 / No7 stay precise felt tip £8

=  £132.59

Like that’s a lot of money for just make-up items for my face and that’s like such a tiny amount of make-up to how much I actually own so WOAH! I got some of these on offers or free as a gift with purchase or in a set so I guess it’s not so bad but when I think about how much make-up I actually have, I could of probably brought a new car with it which kinda makes me feel sick!!

These are some of my favourite products right now! I’ve especially rekindled my love for the L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée Julianne because it is so gorgeous. I’m generally getting more into corals and peachy stuffs, I just want it to be spring already I’m cold! 

fyi from the Elizabeth Arden palette I just used the highlighter and from the Sleek pink lemonade palette I used the middle cream blush and the lighter powder blush. I’m loving the No7 felt tip eyeliner in brown and I’m really impressed as it’s pretty bold, I hate wishy washy eye liners! 

andddddd here is my face with all of it on! aka my #fotd and yes that is green in my hair at the bottom. I re-did/freshened up my ombré and instead of pink I went for washed up mermaid – Bleach London for a change :). I really want the semi permanent colour xxl purple one *swoon* but alas I will have to wait. Although the green is very different for me I’m kinda digging it.

My next post will be all about my three month spending ban so I’ll probably have that up tomorrow for you guys! Funnily enough it has nothing to do with this tag but this tag has seriously reinforced in my head how much I NEED to do it!!! It’s not a normal spending ban, I have slightly different rules but I shall explain all! and maybe it’s the type of spending ban you could actually see yourself being successful at :).

– Amy x


7 thoughts on “How much is my face worth? (make-up edition) and #fotd

  1. It's crazy how fast it all adds up isn't it! I can't even imagine adding up my entire makeup collection, I think I'd feel extremely guilty! haha but great post 🙂 how do you like that mascara? The packaging really caught my eye xx


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