notanotheroneamy’s three months spending ban plan!

Okay so if you read my last post you would of seen that I am embarking on a three month spending ban. So I pledge that from today until the 8th of May I will stick to my rules that I will explain below as its maybe not so strict as others but I don’t want to make my life a living nightmare haha. For me I associate shopping with being happy, when I’m sad I shop and I want to break that cycle and use more positive ways to boost my mood as it’s like a vicious circle of oh I’m sad I’ll go shopping, happy with my new things then oh I shouldn’t of spent that money now I’m sad. Even when I’m happy I’m like oh I deserve a reward and then I’ve kind of ruined the happiness by spending ’cause I feel bad. 
So why do I want to do a spending ban?
Well in June I would of graduated from Uni so I really want to sort myself out before I leave, I have some debt that I would like to pay off before Uni ends so that I’m on an even keel when I enter the big bad world! I also want to kind of gain some self control in terms of how much and what I buy. I am literally known in my family for being the tat lady and I want that to change and start saving as I would like to buy a car next new year and I’d like to go to New York and just kinda live a little as I feel like I have been in education FOREVER!
What do I over spend on?
Well I can’t say no to a bargain and even if I don’t need the item at all or even particularly want it I will buy something if it’s a great deal which is crazy right! I also buy a lot of recommendations, so much so I’ve ended up with a shit load of foundations I know I will never ever finish! I buy random stuff for my room that I have NO SPACE for. I just want to reclaim my space and have the minimal look I long for and have some organisation as It can be overwhelming having so much stuff! like I have spares for most things, at least 20 original source shower gels which is ridiculous, basically I have too much stuff! 
What are my aims?
I want to pay off what I owe, which isn’t a lot in case your wondering I just don’t like owing money. Save money for any of life’s little emergencies. Save for more adventures such as going to New York and visiting The Louvre and the Eiffel Tower in Paris – both have been dreams for such a long time. Save up for a new car as my poor car has seen better days. I’m hoping this whole thing lasts for longer than three months, I just think I need a starting point being quite strict with myself to kind of get into a learnt routine of thinking about what I’m doing with my money instead of wasting it. 
The all important rules:
– I am allowed to buy birthday presents for people as I wouldn’t want my loved ones to miss out because of a decision I’ve made for myself.
– I have a budget of £5 a week to buy myself something as a treat – this is where it probably varies from others I’ve seen.
– I can obviously still buy equipment for uni, it is expensive but I do have my student finance for that.
– I will still need to buy petrol, pay my bills, buy essential food (only if I definitely have nothing to eat at home and ideally I will be making lunches to take to work, but if I don’t have time to buy the cheapest thing I can find e.g £1 sandwich, water ect) If I don’t REALLY need it, I won’t buy it!
– I won’t be buying anything that goes over my £5 a week budget other than the above, as well as not buying anything I already have e.g I have a shit ton of shower gel, toothpaste, deodorant ect. If I want something over the £5 I will need to save for it. So no expensive make-up, no pointless home stuff, no sugary sweets/snacks, no take-aways. I want to really appreciate whatever I buy with that £5. It should help me get back on track with my weight loss too hey!
– I have a mini break booked for Bournemouth from the 12th – 14th of Feb that I have already saved for as well as £10 spending money so that doesn’t count as I’ve already planned and saved for it. 
So there you have it, thats my what, why, what and how haha. I’ve been REALLY honest, maybe too honest I don’t know but I’m sure other people must feel like me! I did try a spending ban before and it was a complete fail so I’ve posted it here so be held accountable as I really want this to work as I will be so proud of myself! I will probably just do monthly updates so the 8th of March, 8th of April and then a final update on the 8th of May and to discuss what my plans are after. As you may of guessed this wont affect my blog in terms of reviewing stuff as I have SO MUCH  stuff to work through It will mean there will probably me more as I hopefully use more and more stuff up and then I can do empty posts too woo! I have a parcel from feel unique and asos to come as well I obviously ordered pre ban and any other stuff stuff you’ll see on the blog I already own and I own a lot hah and I want to do more #fotd posts and other tips posts maybe to draw on my experience of studying and in particular photography as I’ve been studying that for almost 5 years now! so yeah that’s my plan, laid out bare eeek! If your doing a spending ban let me know! we can do this!
– Amy x


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