REVIEW: Tanya Burr’s Lip gloss in Picnic in the Park

I was so excited for this release! I love watching Tanya’s videos on youtube, she has such a lovely personality! and as she is/was a make-up artist I had high hopes for her products being good as obviously she’d understand what us consumers are looking for! I decided on Picnic in the Park as I have a girly pink hole in my stash and really don’t have many lip glosses at all bar benefit as I can’t stand the sticky feeling so I guess I was taking a risk ’cause this could of been sticky but it’s not – winner! I also brought the polish mini marshmallows but there was a problem with it getting to feel unique but to feel unique’s credit after a while of seeing other people get their order and I wasn’t as I had ordered it on the 31st, they explained the problem and sent the lip gloss separately so I really can’t fault the customer service!

Onto the lip gloss, as I’ve said it isn’t sticky at all which I LOVE! The colour is so beautiful, it makes me feel super pretty ’cause it’s such a girly pink. It has good pigmentation for a lip gloss, in fact better than I was expecting. It also has a pretty good wear time for a lip gloss and doesn’t wear down patchy and it kinda leaves a pretty stain. I also think the packaging is really sleek. If I had one bug bear it would be that if you have dry lips, after a while it can feel grainy, it doesn’t necessarily pick up on any dry patches looks wise, I can just feel it’s kinda grainy but having said that after having it on my lips are no longer dry at all so it’s definitely moisturising which is kinda rare for a lip gloss to do this so well!

 As you can see it’s such a pretty pink colour. In fact it’s probably more pink in person, it’s so lovely! I definitely want more! next on my list is Aurora but as it’s £6.99 i’ll have to save for two weeks because of my spending ban but it’s worth it!! – Amy x

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