REVIEW: Tanya Burr’s nail varnish in Mini Marshmallows

Okay so after what felt like an age feel unique finally got the stock to send out mini marshmallows and I got it today and oh it’s a beauty. Again I ordered this on the 31st with the lip gloss, before my spending ban guysssss!

Told ya it was beautiful! Application is smooth. I used three coats but I could of used just two but I didn’t bring a top coat with me as I’m away so I thought meh I’ll add on another coat and seal the ends. It’s a baby pink but I would say it has a coral tint. I seriously didn’t own a colour like this before and I have over 200 nail varnishes… The finish is super glossy, it kinda reminds me of the gel look nail varnishes except this one hasn’t been sold as a gel nail effect, but it definitely has that kind of shine. The finish is super smooth and it dries pretty quickly as well, even with me using three coats and not waiting for them to be completely dry in between (naughty Amy I know I know). Below you can see swatches (nails/beds aren’t in the best shape I apologise), the top being without flash and the bottom with flash. Over all it’s a really nice unique colour, smooth application and quick drying time. I can’t comment on longevity but nail varnishes never last long on my nails cause when I’m bored I tend to pick it off oops! anyone else do that? just me? awkwardddddd Anyway! love love love this nail varnish and it is a perfect spring to summer colour being baby pink with a hint of coral.


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