REVIEW: Revlon matte balms in standout and sultry

I brought two shades when the Revlon matte balms first came out, I didn’t like any of the lacquer ones I swatched, and boy oh boy it’s love. I got the shades standout and sultry – they are the most beautiful things! The formula is amazing, it’s not drying at all and feels so velvety – I am super impressed with the formula and it lasts really well too. When it does fade however it does so patchy which is a shame but I’m quite happy to re-apply because the formula is lovely.

I really like how the packaging matches the matte finish as well as the packaging matching the shade.

I thought I’d switch things up a bit haha and do the swatches on paper. I don’t know about you but I find when I see a lip product on someone and then buy it because it looks so nice, It tends to look quite different on me so that’s why I thought I’d pop the swatches on paper!

Standout is a red but I would say it has a slight pink tinge to it, kinda deep and is just beautiful and well stands out! but not in the same league as a bright red, it’s a really wearable shade.

Sultry I would describe as a smokey pinky red if you get what I mean. It’s a very wearable shade but its definitely not a nude either. I think the shade is really unique and out of the two I’ve been reaching for this one more, I just think It really suits me and I wore it on a #fotd post not so long ago so have a peak at that for on lips swatches and there’s a swatch on my lips of standout on my instagran @amytibble.

Apart from them not fading evenly there is nothing I don’t love about this product and I cannot say enough how amazing the formula is, if you haven’t already you need to at least swatch these!! – Amy x


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